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Can a Guy Make a Claim?

Hi there!

Yes, I'm a guy, and yes, I'm straight, and yes, I like slash. Strange, aren't I?

I would like to claim the following few (ahem) pairings:

Ephram Brown/Simon Camden (Everwood/7th Heaven)
Kyle Rayner/Bobby Drake (Green Lantern/X-Men)
Kyle Rayner/Johnny Storm (Green Lantern/Fantastic Four)
Bud Roberts/Tim McGee (JAG/NCIS)
Woody Hoyt/Gary Hobson (Crossing Jordan/Early Edition)
Dick Grayson/Matt Murdock (Nightwing/Daredevil)
Peter Caine/Scott McCall (Kung-Fu: The Legend Continues/The Equalizer)
Gary Hobson/Ray Kowalski (Early Edition/Due South)
Michael Vaughn/John Kilmer (Alias/Threat Matrix)
Lex/Jake Foley (The Agency/Jake 2.0)
Tim McGee/Jake Foley (NCIS/Jake 2.0)
Lex/Tim McGee (The Agency/NCIS)
Lex/Jake Foley/Tim McGee (The Agency/Jake 2.0/NCIS)
John Doe/Jarod (John Doe/The Pretender)
Jarod/Gary Hobson (The Pretender/Early Edition)
Jason Bourne/Michael Vaughn (The Bourne Identity (movie)/Alias)
Tim McGee/Mikey Roberts (NCIS/JAG)
Linus Caldwell/Charlie Croker (Ocean's 11/The Italian Job)
Lex/Lyle (The Agency/The Italian Job)
Martin Fitzgerald/Scotty Valenz (Without A Trace/Cold Case)
Martin Fitzgerald/Woody Hoyt (Without a Trace/Crossing Jordan)
Woody Hoyt/Tim McGee (Crossing Jordan/NCIS)
Kurt Wagner/Tim Drake (X-Men/Robin)
Peter Caine/Woody Hoyt (Kung-Fu: The Legend Continues/Crossing Jordan)
Eric Weiss/Tim McGee (Alias/NCIS)
Boromir/King Edmund (Lord of the Rings/Narnia)
Quinn Mallory/Jonas Quinn (Sliders/Stargate SG-1)
Eric Weiss/Matt Callan (Alias/The Agency)
Leto Atreidies/Cale Tucker (Children of Dune/Titan A.E.)
Peter Winslow/Miles McCabe (Crossing Jordan/Medical Investigation)
Lex Luthor/Simon Camden (Smallville/7th Heaven)
Don Epps/Harlan Judd (Numb3rs/Eyes)
Pete Young/Bradin Westerly (Clubhouse/Summerland)
Jack McAllister/Bright Abbot (Jack & Bobby/Everwood)
Greg Sanders/Tim McGee (CSI/NCIS)
J.J. Smith/Mr. Smith (The Dead Zone/Jeremiah)
Greg Vulkovik/Tony Dinozzo (JAG/NCIS)
Jarod Clone/Jack Clone (The Pretender/Stargate SG-1)
Tony Almeida/Michael Vaughn (24/Alias)
Greg Sanders/Peter Winslow (CSI/Crossing Jordan)
Tony Almeida/A.B. Stiles (24/The Agency)

Okay, okay, so maybe I can't claim them *all*... Hehe. Seriously, though, I think this are all pretty rare pairings. I would love to see someone write any of them. If one of them sparks an interest, please write it (and let me know!) Or email me and maybe we can work on a story together.

I hope this list inspires a few authors.

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