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Claim Crossovers

Because some 'ships are just -meant- to be...

Claim a Crossover 'Ship
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Welcome to Claim a Crossover 'Ship!

Crossover 'ship = When characters from two different fandoms, such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, are put together. Example: Severus Snape/Gandalf the Grey.

Here LJ users can claim their favourite crossover relationships. All and any can join, but please follow the rules:

#1 Two claims per user. Link back to the community! Show your pride at mixing fandoms! :)

#2 No sharing claims. That just gets uber-messy.

#3 To claim a 'ship, you must join the community and stay in it. Leave the community, lose your claims.

#4 Please only claim by posting in the community itself. Claims in comments will be ignored.

#5 As for BtVS and AtS 'ships, as well as other spin-off series: The pairing only counts as a crossover if the characters have never met onscreen. Such as, Buffy/Gunn or Xander/Lorne. Otherwise you could call Buffy/Angel a crossover!

#6 Everyone be nice to each other. No making fun of claims, or meanness of any sort. Flames suck.

#7 All fandoms allowed, as well as all genres. Het, slash, threesomes... (Though no more than three in a 'ship, please.) Oh, but no animals (as in real animals, not cartoon/movie/tv show animals) or children.
Real people are not allowed, cause it's a weird thing that they are in THIS world and not a fandom world (except in our heads lol). So, apologies about that.

#8 The only advertising allowed will be those to do with claims communities. Thank ye!

Community run by jacklemmon
Questions and/or suggestions, please let me know!